European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, Poland

ポーランド、グダニスクのヨーロピアン・ソリダリティ・センター設計者選出のためのコンペ。1980年に結成された、ポーランドの自主管理労組全国組織 (Solidarity)の30周年記念として開催される。ソリダリティは、1989 年の非共産主義体制への転換において主導的な役割を果たした。

カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International Architecture Project Competition
ジャンル Complex
開催地 Poland
登録締切日 16 July 2007 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 4 Dec 2007
応募資格 All Licensed Architects who have produced at least one design of a multifunctional public utility building the total area of which is no less than 10 000 m2 over the period of the last three years counting from the competition notice date.

Gdańsk of August 1980 became the cradle of Solidarity – the movement which led to the downfall of communism. Solidarity transformed the face of the world towards the end of the 20th century and laid the foundation for the freedom and unity of contemporary Europe. Gdańsk will mark the 30th anniversary of the events of August 1980 by erecting the European Solidarity Centre (ESC).

Therefore, on 14 May 2007, an international competition for the architectural concept of the ESC has been announced. Its outcomes will include the selection of the Centre design team which will be commissioned with the preparation of the technical documentation.

Once participation in the competition has been declared to the Competition Secretary (, the Organiser shall send the Regulations appended with a DVD disc to the address indicated in the application.

Not yet announced

PLN 1,000,000 Total + Design Commission

Entry Fee

Time limit for submission of the requests to participate in the design competition: 16 July 2007
Formal verification of the requests, invitations to participate in the competition: 3 August 2007
Time limit for submission of the competition entries: 4 December 2007
Announcement of the competition results: 13 December 2007

City of Gdansk, Poland

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