Spark Awards 2008


カテゴリ アワード / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International Design Award
ジャンル Architecture, Graphic, Product
開催地 United States
登録締切日 1 August 2008 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 1 August 2008 (via Online)
応募資格 All
対象作品 Professional Category admission is for designs launched on the market by May 2008 or no more than four years previously (from May 04). Students and novices (non-professionals) may enter each category, without their product being in production.

- ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS: Building Architecture, Interior design, living spaces, Offices (working spaces), Universal access systems, Temporary structures, Infrastructure (urban planning), Arches (bridges, viaducts and gateways), Landmarks (symbolic structures, memorials), Public spaces (parks, vistas, plazas), Pedestrian walkways (amenities), Community planning and design
- DIGITAL: Video (interstitials, PSA’s, station ID), Digital video effects & animation, Web and interactive
- BRAND: Brand and business strategy and organization
- EXPERIENTIAL: Exhibition booths and pavilions, Events, Environments, Simulators
- GRAPHIC: Identity (logos), Print (publishing, advertising or direct mail), Corporate and financial, Packaging (point of sale), Wayfinding (informational kiosks and terminals)
- PRODUCT: Leisure (sports, health and outdoor recreation), Industrial and consumer tools and equipment, General consumer goods and appliances, Kitchen and bath, Electronics—telecom (home entertainment, computers, etc.), Lighting, Jewelry (timepieces, awards, trophies and luxury goods)
- FURNITURE AND OUTDOOR: Residential, Street furniture and fittings
- MOBILITY: Vehicles, presented by Automobile Magazine (Please click for detail), Air (marine and space), Mass Transit and transportation
- ADVERTISING: Design-driven marketing themes
- GREEN: Carbon-lowering and environmental
- SYSTEM: Education (software and data)
- WORLD-CHANGING: Both "design for the other 90%" and the policies, systems and services needed to design a sustainable existence
MEDICAL: Medical devices and related equipment

Not yet announced

Judging Process

Publication and Exhibition, Licenses the use of the SparkMark logo

Entry Fee
Those selected by the jury have the option to enter the Phase Two competition, which has a fee of $250 (students- $125)

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Candidates Announcment: August 15, 2008

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