AR House 2013

コンペ結果 Japanese Flag

Joint Winner
House-T, Japan by Tsukano Architect Office

Joint Winner
Casa Lude, Spain by Grupo Aranea

Highly Commended
House of Yagi, Japan by Suppose Design Office
Floating Houses, The Netherlands by Marlies Rohmer Architects & Planners
Summer house, Sweden by Tham & Videgard arkitekter
L-Shaped House in Korea by Byoung Soo Cho Architects
Rufo House, Spain by Alberto Campo Baeza
Forest House in the city, Japan by Studio Velocity
Lucky Shophouse, Singapore by Chang Architects
Slip house, London by Carl Turner Architects
Split house, China by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office
Small house, Japan by Unemori architects
Director's house, Italy, Liverani/Molteni architects

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カテゴリ アワード / コンペ結果
タイプ International, Award, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Housing
開催地 UK
登録締切日 26 April 2013 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 26 April 2013 (Must be Received)
応募資格 Fully qualified architects. No age restriction.
対象作品 Single family house completed within the last five years.

The private house occupies a unique position, both in the history of architecture and human imagination. Beyond its core function of shelter, it is an object of fantasy, a source of delight, a talisman and a testing ground. From Corbusier to Koolhaas, the progress of modern architecture can be tracked through a succession of pioneering individual houses. AR House recognises innovation and excellence in house design.


At the Jury's discretion, a prize fund of £10,000 will be awarded to the overall winning entry. The Jury will also select a number of projects for commendation.

Entry Fee
£235 + VAT at 20% per projects

Two A2 sized boards

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