Blue Award 2016


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カテゴリ アワード / 学生が参加できるコンペ / コンペ結果
タイプ International, Award, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Environment, Landscape, Structure, Sustainability, Transportation, Urban
開催地 Vienna, Austria
登録締切日 10 May 2016 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 10 May 2016 (Must be Received or via Online)
応募資格 university students of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs, as well as students working on a diploma thesis or dissertation, in the academic fields of architecture, urbanism or regional planning as well as civil engineering, with proof of enrollment i

The competition selectively recognizes and awards prizes to design projects (on paper or realized) that deal with the topic of sustainability in architecture, urbanism and regional planning as well as in civil engineering and which have been elaborated as part of an academic design program. A special focus is placed on students’ projects that have been developed in cooperation between the disciplines of architecture and civil engineering.
The award’s main purpose is to establish and reinforce the topic of sustainability in architecture, urbanism and regional planning as well as civil engineering in universities worldwide. The Blue Award shall recognize and award students and teachers dedicated in pursuing this topic in their studies.
Category 1) Urban Development and Transformation, Landscape Development
Category 2) Ecological Building and Building in Existing Structures
Category 3) Innovative Systems and Detailed Solutions

Kazuyo Sejima [JP] Architect, Honorary President of the Jury - Blue Award 2016
Cuno Brullmann [F][AT] Em.O.Univ.Prof.
Much Untertrifaller [AT] Architect
Albert Dubler [FR] Architect
Wolfgang Winter [AT] O. Univ. Prof. DDI
Marina Hämmerle [AT] Regional / Municipal Developer
Robert Korab [AT]

Prizes totaling 10,000 Euros will be awarded in three categories.

Entry Fee

Two panels/ sheets: DIN A1 format, 59.4 x 84.1 cm
Project Description (digital submission)
Curriculum Vitae (analog submission by post)

Submission Address
Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design
Vienna University of Technology
Karlsplatz 13/253-3
A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Award Ceremony and Exhibition: August 2016

Past winners

Vienna University of Technology, Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design

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