Maxmix Cities - Celebration of Cities 3


I W. Europe
Prize: Be water my friend!! / Davinia, Fuentes Cabrera (Spain)
First Mention: BAY PORT CITY / Alba Helena, Malo de Molina Serrano (Spain)
Second Mention: architecte / Delpine, Olivier (France)
II E. Europe
Prize: cubedialectic / H Sena , Dogan (Turkey)
Second Mention: Ms / Alina, Batishcheva (Russian Federation)
V Asia
Prize: potential line / Hyobin, Jung (Republic of Korea)
First Mention: Myung Eun, Chung (Republic of Korea)
Second Mention: the floating roof in X-hutong xiaomin, zhang (China)
I W. Europe
Prize: Dipl.Ing. / Mario, Tvrtkovic (Germany)
First Mention: Monsieur / Yannick, Troubat (France)
Second Mention: plateforme / fleury, benjamin (France)
II E. Europe
Prize: architectes / Nikita, Sergienko (Russian Federation)
First Mention: Roxani-Sofia, Tsiloni (Greece)
Second Mention: Yaroslav, Usov (Russian Federation)
V Asia
Prize: re_Constructed Debris for City / Jung Woo, Oh (Republic of Korea)
First Mention: Urban Contamination with the I / Indong, Cho (Republic of Korea)
Second Mention: MIX INFRA X PROGRAMAX / Song E, Han (Republic of Korea)

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カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / コンペ結果 / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Urban
開催地 International
登録締切日 15 May 2009 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 30 September 2009 GoogleCal
応募資格 Architects and Students of architecture in UIA Member countries

Modern cities have been planned and built based on the principles of severance and zoning system. The urban area is separated from the rural area, divided into different zones to accommodate different activities. The theory was to improve the efficiency and enhance the quality of life in the urban area. However, with the change of paradigm in the 21st century, such a city is no longer considered to be sustainable to support the quality and daily life in it. A city constantly changes and transforms through the process of removal, addition, recovery, and recreation. By nature, a city is altered, re-organized and regenerated through complex and multitude interaction of urban structure and diverse ingredients that constitute a city.

MaxMix, or Maximized Mixture, refers to a process of creating new order in a city through dynamic exchange of the elements of diverse backgrounds. Since the contents of a city have been increasingly diversified and the inter-reaction among them creates an entirely new value, the structure of a city must be re-organized while the elements are mix-maxed to make the city sustainable. MaxMix is a proposal to bring a new value to human life in the labyrinth of a contemporary city. Human activities in a city can no longer be confined within the functions of clear-cut zoning system, as revealed by the discrepancies between the system and real life. No such city will be livable or sustainable.

What alternative ideas, then, do we have to mix functions; values of yesterday, today, and tomorrow; and to bring in nature to harmonize man, city and nature?

Considering the real situation of the urban area where unexpected exchanges and mixtures happen, the MaxMix idea may provide a methodology for urban planning. Like a chemical experiment or alchemy, the proposition of each element and the surrounding conditions of MaxMix should be carefully determined to achieve desirable results. Finding the proper prescription of MaxMix in various cases is the objective of the third celebration of cities.

- Five (5) UIA regional vice presidents
- Two outside Members (one from the host country of theBureau meeting / one from FIKA)

One Grand Prize of 5.000,00 Euro per category
One prize of Euro 1.000,00 each Region and each category

Entry Fee
80 euro for the professionals
20 euro for the students

3 sheets of A3 size in PDF file

Deadline for sending Questions: January 5, 2009
Opening of the period for Registration and simultaneous Transmission of the Entries: May 5, 2009
Announcement of the Final List (through the Competition WEB site): November 10, 2009

Past winners

UIA, FIKA (Federation of Institutes of Korean)

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