Proposal for the revitalization of Charles Square park


カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, RfQ , Restricted, Two-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Landscape
開催地 Prague, Czech Republic
登録締切日 12 October 2017 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 12 October 2017 (Must be Received)
応募資格 Architect

Competition dialogue is a creative process in which all the stakeholders are involved in finding a solution from the very beginning, in other words, from the creation of the commission itself. This process helps find a starting point from which to tackle complex problems, where large numbers of conflicting opinions clash and the contracting authority itself has no clear idea of what to ask for.
Charles Square also finds itself in this type of situation. The requirement for unhindered pedestrian access conflicts with efforts to restore protected historical landscape features. Residents’ wishes for a reduction in the volume of traffic and general trends to restrict the number of cars passing through the city are excluded by the operating needs of the major teaching hospital and the courthouse.
The objective of the competitive dialogue is to arrive, in the process actively involving architects’ teams interested in the contract to produce design and documentation for revitalization of the Charles Square in its Stage II – Park, at 1) more detailed assignment, and 2) produce proposals.

Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Pragu
Jana Plamínková, Prague Councillor and Mayor of the Prague district of Slivenec
Pavla Melková, Architect, a partner of the MCA studio
Ladislav Lábus, Architect and teacher
Almut Jirku, Landscape architect
Karel Prajer, Director of the City Hall Department for Strategic Investment
Václav Vondrášek, Deputy Mayor for the Prague 2 district (ODS)
Michal Fišer, co-foundeder, třiarchitekti (Three Architects)
Petr Hlaváček, A historian and philosopher, as coordinator and specialist
Sylvie Hájková, an authorised engineer under the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction
Štěpán Špoula, An authorised landscape architect
Susanne Spurná, A landscape architect
Štěpán Valouch, ov-a architectural studio
Cornelius Scherzer, HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences
Petr Hankovec, Head of the Water Management and Transport Infrastructure Section at the City Hall Department
doc. Ing. arch. Antonín Novák, the Atelier DRNH design studio

The anticipated value of the Public Contract: 22,5 mil. Kč
The anticipated value of investment: 150 - 300 mil. Kč
Payments relating to participation on the competitive dialogue: 400 thousand Kč/ per team

Entry Fee

Prague´s Institute of Planning and Development

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