Colorsdesigner Retail Design Competition

コンペ結果 Japanese Flag

combispace, Luis Pereira Miguel, Portugal

Special Mentions
Recyclescape, Ayako Kodera, Japan
White Wave, Yuri Naruse, Japan

Immensola, Tommaso Bistacchi, Italy
Fabric Shop, Godefroy Meyer, Canada
retailO, Kazuya Yamazaki, Japan

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カテゴリ コンペ結果 / 実施コンペ
タイプ International Retail Design Project Competition
ジャンル Shop
開催地 Italy
登録締切日 15 Nov 2007 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 Nov 2007 (via Online)
応募資格 Young Creatives, Designers and Architects

The competition is promoted by, Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and represents a challenge for designers in finding new eco-sustainable and creative solutions capable to express the quality of interior environments, products and services. Possible future spaces thought not merely for selling products but also for communication, interaction with final users and aggregation activities. Spaces where technology is capable of humanizing the approach to buying by transforming it in a social experience, a moment for self-gratification and pleasure.

In conformity with the present regulation, the object of the competition is to design a new concept for a retail environment for clothing of about 500 m2. The candidate is free to chose any project element.


Andrea Branzi, Makio Hasuike, Philippe Daverio, Stefano Boeri, Michele De Lucchi

Competition Type
Two-Stage, Anonymous Competition

The winner: Euro 20,000. The awarded project will be developed as a retail prototype for the distribution network of an Italian clothing company.
The other finalists which have participated in Phase 2: Euro 3,000

Entry Fee

Phase 1: Uploading the template which can be downloaded from the website.

15th Dec 2007: Selection and Awarding of finalists of Phase 1 and Beginning of Phase 2
15th Apr 2008: Deadline of Phase 2
15th May 2008: Awarding of prizes for Colorsdesigners!

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