Disruptive Design - New Solutions to Affordable Housing


カテゴリ 実施コンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Project, Open, Three-Stage
ジャンル Housing
開催地 Chicago, UniteStates
登録締切日 31 January 2019 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 31 January 2019 (via Online)
応募資格 Architects, designers, students, and those invested in urban development

The desire for affordable housing is present in both the gentrifying and underserved Chicago neighborhoods. In gentrifying areas, land values rise with desirability; in underserved areas, depreciated property and land values produce an appraisal gap that prohibits new development.
Construction of new affordable, owner-occupied housing is expensive and only becoming costlier. As the cost of construction and labor increases and incomes do not grow at pace, the affordability gap between what young professionals, small families, or first-time homebuyers can afford and the cost of construction becomes apparent to both developers and buyers—it is no longer advantageous to build starter homes. Subsidies, while helpful, cannot be the only long-term solution to this issue.

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The five participants selected to move forward from Phase I will be given a $10,000 stipend to continue work on their proposal.
Phase III moves outside of the juried competition and invites the jury-selected winner to work alongside the developer, Related Midwest,to build their vision into reality.
The final winner of the competition will receive an additional prize of $20,000.

Entry Fee

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, LISC Chicago, AIA Chicago, Northern Trust and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives

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