The 3rd “Earth God Temple” Student Design Competition

台湾には、地域の農作物や人々の暮らしを守ってくれるとされるお寺「土地公」が身近な神様として存在するが、都市開発によってそれらの敷地は度々手放され、減少傾向にある。土地公とその周辺環境を魅力的にし、むしろ地域に求められる土地公像を求める。審査員に團 紀彦が含まれている。

カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Students, Three-Stage
ジャンル Temple
開催地 Taichung City, Taiwan
登録締切日 30 November 2015 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 30 November 2015 (Must be Received)
応募資格 Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and other related fields of study with degree expected date no later than November 30th, 2015

The Earth God (Tu Di Gong 土地公) Temple, the symbol of humans' respect for Nature, exists in harmony and as one with the land and environment. However, as urban development progresses, the aftermath has been reflected directly on the temple. The religious center is gradually shrinking as the property's frequently was being ceded. In respond to this issue, we have organized the "Student Competition of the Earth God Temple", inviting young students with creativity and ideals to evaluate and provide a solution that improves the temple and its surrounding landscape, ultimately granting the Earth God and the residents of the neighborhood a better environment.
As the site is located at the south end of Taichung Gateway Park (Jade Eco Park), the overall design should continue the intention of the regional planning. The major guiding points are Innovation, Green Energy, Intelligence, and Low-Carbon. The proposal should consider the surrounding context and future plans for Taichung Gateway Park as well as the Taiwan Tower.

Yung-Hsin Chen: Principal Architect, Atelier Buffalo
Norihiko Dan: Architect/Urban Designer, Norihiko Dan and Associates
Nancy Lin: Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Asia Pacific, AECOM
Ka-shiang Liu: Author、Nature Observer
Shuenn-Ren, Liou: Chairman, Institute of Creative Industry Design, Department of Architecture,NCKU
Chun-Hsiung, Wang: Chief editor, Taiwan Architecture Magazine
Her-Ching, Wang: Chairman, COSMOS Inc. Planning Consultants

First Place (1): NT$60,000 + Certificate
Second Place (1): NT$30,000 + Certificate
Third Place (1): NT$20,000 + Certificate14F-6, No. 218, Sec. 1, Wen Hsin Rd., Taichung, Taiwan (Please mark: Design Competition of the Earth God Temple)
Honorable mention (6): NT$5,000 + Certificate
Selected Entry (9): NT$ 2,000 + Certificate

Entry Fee

Two A1 boards (841mm x 594mm) including written description and drawings

Chinese or English

Submission Address
14F-6, No. 218, Sec. 1, Wen Hsin Rd.,
Taichung, Taiwan
(Please mark: Design Competition of the Earth God Temple)

Stage 1 Review & Evaluation /Shortlist Announcement: 2015/12/07 (Mon.)
Seminar in preparation for the Stage 2 Review & Evaluation: 2015/12/08 (Tue.)
Stage 2 material submission Deadline: 2016/01/25 (Mon.) 5:00pm.
Stage 2 Review & Evaluation/Winners Announcement: 2016/02/01 (Mon.)
Stage 3 material submission Deadline (Plebiscite – Da He Village Residents): 2016/02/20 (Sat.) 9:00am - 5:00pm.
Stage 3 Review & Evaluation/Winners Announcement: 2016/02/22 (Mon.)
Award Ceremony: 2016/02/27 (Sat.) 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
Exhibition: 2016/02/27 (Sat.) - 2016/03/12 (Sat.)

Past winners

Tai Square Arts and Aesthetics Association, Taiwan Tai Architect & Associates

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