EveryVille 2008


カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International Architectural Idea Competition
ジャンル Community, Urban
開催地 Venice, Italy
登録締切日 1 July 2008 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 July 2008 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 Open to students of all disciplines and from any university in the world who have not graduated at the time of January 1, 2008

Imagine every town. Remember where you grew up, a place shaped by your first walk, your first love, your first amazement at color and form and other people; your first humiliation when you couldn’t find your way or weren’t part of the group. Recall the sights, the sounds, the dirt on the street, the wind rustling through the trees, the day the garbage was picked up and the day before that, the trip downtown or to the airport, the place where what you knew slowly shaded over into an uncharted territory that itself receded the older you became.
EveryVille is a new exurban community that has emerged around the intersection of Avenue Z and X Street, just to the Southwest of the intersection of Highway 1 and the Beltway around Megalopolis, about 20 kilometers from the city’s core. Making good use of the flat, featureless terrain that used to support dairy farming, developers have carved the plains here into several subdivisions that by now house over 20,000 inhabitants. Analysts expect that the whole 25-square kilometer area that used to be the historic Big A and Small B farms can eventually support as many as 50,000 inhabitants and perhaps even more.

Paolo Baratta (President of the Venice Biennale, IT)
Aaron Betsky (Director of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition, NED-USA)
Francesco Delogu (Architect, Delogu Associati, IT)
Zaha Hadid (Architect, Zaha Hadid Ltd. - Pritzker Prize, UK)
Thom Mayne (Architect, Morphosis - Pritzker Prize, USA)
Luisa Hutton (Architect, Sauerbruch & Hutton, GER)
Flavio Albanese (Director of Domus Magazine, IT)
Luigi Centola (Architect, Centola & Associati, IT)

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

The top 10 projects and 40 honourable mentions: Exhibition and Publication

Entry Fee
10 Euro per 1 student

2 images and a descriptive text in English (maximum length: 2000 characters)

Announcement of Results: Venice Biennale, September 14, 2008
Presentation of Projects: Venice Biennale, until November 23, 2008

Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia

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