Exterior Lighting Grant 2010


1er prix
Memories of the city - Lars Gäfvert

2e prix
Borne Augmentée - Alexandre Guilbeault et Jean-Daniel Mercier

3e prix ex-aequo
Moving Lamp - Hyunseok Moon

Mention esthetIque
Ribbon - Robert Trempe
Lampcycle - Lys Villalba Rubio

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カナダの屋外照明器具メーカーが毎年開催しているアイディアコンペで、テーマは“STREET FURNITURE LIGHT”。賞金は年内に実作を制作するための資金として贈られる。

カテゴリ その他のコンペ / コンペ結果 / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage , Onymous
ジャンル Lighting
開催地 Montréal, Canada
登録締切日 30 April 2010 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 30 April 2010 (via Online)
応募資格 Students, interns or individuals involved in a domain related to exterior lighting/ Upcoming professionnal practices - must have 5 years or less experience and not more than 5 employees for a firm project or as an individual

The CLU foundation aims excellence by encouraging conscious integration of the plastic quality of the products, technical advancements in exterior lighting and environmental respect.
How can light enrich and simplify the lifestyles of citizens? How to streamline urban infrastructure and integrate in street furniture innovative lighting solutions with improved performances? Open a window on the future and reinterpret the present. The selected projects must be built within the year.

M. Faber Cayouette (Architect and President of the Foundation [CLU])
M. Robert Murphy (Landscape Architect & Exterior Lighting Consultant, CSLA, AAPQ, [PHILIPS LUMEC])
M. Vincent Dumais (Landscape Architect & Exterior Lighting Consultant, CSLA, AAPQ, [PHILIPS LUMEC])
M. Jonathan Hardy (Industrial Designer [PHILIPS LUMEC])
M. Pierre Bélanger (Artistic Director and Partner [Volume 2])
Mme Julie Dionne (Intern Architect [Fichten, Soiferman Architects])
M. Antoine Crépeau (Landscape Architect [Williams, Asselin, Ackaoui et Associés])
M. Daniel Lefebvre (Landscape Architect [Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre])
Mme Geneviève Rocheleau (Landscape Architect & Exterior Lighting Consultant, [PHILIPS LUMEC])
Mme Pascale Savard (Marketing & Communications Coordinator [PHILIPS LUMEC])
M. Ernesto Quintana (Engineer and designer, specialist in mechanical feasibility [PHILIPS LUMEC])
Mme Marie-Claude Robert (AAPQ General Manager)
M. Patrick Morand (Architect [ACDF*])
M. Guy Moreau (Lighting Designer [Creative Light])
M. Mathieu Casavant (Landscape Architect [Nip Paysage])

First Prize: 2,500 $ or or a 12 weeks training course with the industrial design and engineering teams of Philips Lumec
Second Prize: 1,500 $
Third Prize: 1,000 $

Entry Fee

PDF file (4 pages maximum, 11” x 17” format) and a Project description (1 page, maximum 100 words)

Awarding of grants: May 2010 at SIDIM

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