Ghost Town Challenge


カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Culture-Center
開催地 Latvia
登録締切日 10 November 2013 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 1 December 2013 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 All

Karosta translates as War Port (or Navy Harbour). It is used to be a closed secret military town for the Russian Empire, and later for the Soviet military. As Latvia regained its independence in 1990, the Soviet military had to leave Karosta. As a result the population dropped dramatically from 25 000 to 6 000, leaving many abandoned buildings behind which have fallen into a state of partial or complete disrepair.
Homemade Dessert in collaboration with Liepaja City Council and a number of local artists has created a design brief on Karosta´s revitalization. Before exploring the brief in depth we would suggest you to familiarize yourself with this unique urban context. There are number of impressive historic monuments as St. Nicholas Ortodox Marine Cathedral in the central part of Karosta, the Horse Arena or Manege and Karosta Prison. Specific and unique poetic value can also be found in brutalist architecture „soviet style” apartment buildings.

INDULIS KALNS - Liepaja city head architect
JURIS GRESTE - Urban designer, recipient of the of the Built Environment exemplar award in Australia
Rest of the jury to be confirmed.

1st prize: US$ 6,000
2nd prize: US$ 3,000
3rd prize: US$ 1,000
6 honourable mentions will receive complimentary cash prize which will equal to the double registration fee.

Entry Fee
Early Bird Registration: US$ 60 from JUNE 5 - JULY 10 , 2013
Regular entry registration fee: US$ 90 from JULY 11 - SEP 24, 2013
Late Registration: US$ 120 from SEP 25 - NOV 10, 2013

Up to four A2 presentation boards

Evaluation: DEC 1 - DEC 15, 2013
Announcement of the winners: DEC 24, 2013

Past winners

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