The Third Q-City International Young Designer Competition

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タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Urban
開催地 Handan, China
登録締切日 1 June 2020 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 June 2020 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 Young designers and artists, teams of teachers and students in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape, art and intelligent design worldwide.

As an exploration to improving quality of urban public space, "Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei---The Third Q-City International Young Designer Competition" is an exploration of innovative and or artistic approaches. With the theme of "Quality City:Development Guided by New Technology", the competition places an emphasis on new science, technology and social perspective equally, which is based on urban renewal/repair functions, the integration of smart health or sports facilities, intelligent urban furniture, interactive art installations, intelligent lighting and way-finding systems that can inspire urban vitality. Competitors are encouraged to start off with a future lifestyle, providing a new sample for the creative development of future city through new technologies such as 3D-printing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence and smart design, to provide residents with a better quality of life, and ultimately to achieve the go
als of livability and natural harmony in the city.
The spatial quality of public spaces has become an important representation of a city's identity. And the "smart revolution" driven by technology and innovation is imperceptibly infiltrating the development of cities and our way of living. As an important part of "The Third Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition", the theme of this year's competition, "Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei - The 3rd Q-City International Young Designer Competition (China? Handan)," continues the discussion of "Quality City" with an emphasis on the integration of new technology. The site shall be the People's Road in Handan City, embodying both the city's history and an important nodal point for future development, this will be an optimal playing field for micro research and micro interventions. With the continuation of the core discussion revolving around "Quality City", we hope to start a global discussion regarding the core values of public space.

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First Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (Before Tax, Around 43,000 USD) Each
Second Prize - (4 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 100, 000 RMB (Before Tax, Around 14,000 USD) Each
Third Prize - (10 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 30,000 RMB (Before Tax, Around 4,300 USD) Each
Honorable Mentions (Several Teams): Honor Certificate + UED Magazine
(One Or More Prize - Winning Projects Might Be Implemented on Site and Local Government Has the Final Say.)

Entry Fee

Handan Municipal People's Government
Co-Organizer: Handan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau
Executive and Planning Body: Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine

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