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人間の暮らしに寄与するデザインを 'BODY, HOME, WORK, PLAY, COMMUNITY' の5カテゴリーで表彰する、隔年開催のデザインアワード。対象はプロダクトや建築だけでなく社会活動なども含み、完成作品からアイディアまで広範囲で自由。

カテゴリ アワード / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Award, Open, Two-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Architecture, Community, Interior, Product
開催地 Copenhagen, Denmark
登録締切日 8 December 2008 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 8 December 2008 (via Online)
応募資格 All

INDEX: AWARD does not categorize design according to traditional labels - visual design, apparel and industrial design - since these categories do not fully reflect the interdisciplinary approach employed in most interesting modern design. INDEX: asks that the nomination bodies think horizontally, across design categories and industries, when selecting their nominees for the five categories vital to human life; BODY, HOME, WORK, PLAY and COMMUNITY.

An international jury consisting of leading designers, design researchers, design writers and design thinkers from Europe, Asia and the U.S.

The winner of each category: 100,000 euros

Entry Fee

The description which broken down into 3 categories (Form, Impact, Context) : each in less than 1000 characters
JPEG images (and if you want to add a video, upload it to

INDEX: AWARD EXHIBITION 2009: August 21, 2009 at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen

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