2011 Intelligent Green Building Design Competition


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カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / コンペ結果 / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage , Onymous
ジャンル Sustainability
開催地 Taiwan
登録締切日 15 June 2011 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 July 2011 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
応募資格 All

Because of greenhouse effect and climate change, it is a global tendency to integrate green building and intelligent technology and push forward to the intelligent green building. It is also one of the strategies of Taiwan’s government to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, and green lifestyle. Intelligent green building is defined as a green building combined with intelligent high techniques, materials, and products in order to reach the purposes of safety, health, convenience, comfort, and environmental sustainability.
Intelligent green building design is the main theme of this year. There are two divisions for this competition:
- Division A: Creative Thinking
For depicting an insight into the problems in our daily life and exploring human needs in safety, healthcare, energy conservation, sustainability, and convenience, participants may provide posters, scenario films or models to present the high quality living spaces and life conditions of intelligent green buildings through the innovative ideas of a living space, products or services. The applications of modern technologies in area of information, communication, sensor and automatic control and their compatibility with environment should be considered.
- Division B: Toward Future Home
Based on profound understanding of environment, social structure, and lifestyle changes, e.g. climate change, aging society, participants may provide posters, 3D animations or models to present an architectural planning and design project which applies intelligent high technology, materials, and products to an existing or new building. The project should adopt design principles of both intelligent building and green building in order to reach the purposes of safety, health, convenience, comfort, and environmental sustainability.

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Division A: Creative Thinking
Gold Medal (1): 100,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Silver Medal (1): 50,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Brown Medal (1): 30,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Masterpiece (2): 20,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Nominees (10): 10,000 NTD +Certificate
Division B: Toward Future Home
Gold Medal (1): 200,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Silver Medal (1): 100,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Brown Medal (1): 50,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Masterpiece (2): 30,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Nominees (10): 10,000 NTD +Certificate

Entry Fee

Poster(90 cm in length * 60 cm in width) and a Concept Description(up to 1000 words) and CD

Submission Address
Taiwan R.O.C. Hsinchu County, Zhudong Village
ZhongXing Rd Sec. 4 No. 195 Building 77 Room 411

PhaseⅡ: Participants should submit “Film” or “Model” at this stage.: 2011.09.01 -09.30
Results announced & Award Ceremony: 2011.11

Past winners

ITRI Material & Chemical Research Laboratories
Intelligent living Spaces Industrial Association
Taiwan Intelligent living Spaces Development Association
Taiwan Intelligent Building Association

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