International Ideas for Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul


カテゴリ アイディアコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage , Anonymous
ジャンル Urban
開催地 Seoul, Korea
登録締切日 2 June 2015 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 12 August 2015 (Must be Postmarked, See "Entries" below) GoogleCal
応募資格 All

The site area of the competition, the Jamsil Sports Complex, has a significant meaning in not only the sports history of Korea but also the development history of Seoul in that it hosted the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics since its completion in 1984. Additionally, the area around the Jamsil Sports Complex has a potential as a waterfront in the city surrounded by the Han River and Tancheon (a tributary of the River). However, the facilities have deteriorated and most of the area is currently used just as parking space. Moreover, although the area abuts on the waterfront, the accessibility of the public is limited. For such reasons, the site area is no longer vital and the need for regeneration is becoming an issue.
Thus, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced “The 2030 Seoul Plan” in September, 2013, in which Gangnam area including the Samsung Subway Station and the Jamsil Sports Complex are planned as international business centers, while Yeouido and Youngdengpo are international finance centers. In addition, in April, 2014, the city released ‘The Comprehensive Plan for the Area of the COEX and the Jamsil Sports Complex’ to develop the complex and its surrounding area as ‘International Exchange District’ consisting of four major functions, which are international business, sports, culture, and entertainment.

Ja-Hoon Koo (Rep. of Korea)
Niall Kirkwood (U.S.A)
Young-Joon Kim (Rep. of Korea)
Alejandro Zaera-Polo (Spain)
Nam-Choon Kim (Rep. of Korea)
Dong-Hoon Oh (Rep. of Korea)
Roland Villinger (Germany)
Kab-Sung Kim (Rep. of Korea)

1st Prize (three entries) : 100 million Korean won each
2nd Prize (five entries) : 30 million Korean won each
If the organizer launches a design competition for remodeling "The Main Stadium of the Jamsil Sports Complex", only the eight winners will be invited.

Entry Fee

- Proposal description: 10 pages in A3
- Drawing panels: 4 separate pages of A1
(Must be postmarked by August 12, 2015 and arrive at the submission location by 00:00 am August 21.)

Submission Address
10 Sejong Daero, Jung-gu,
Seoul 100-744, Korea

Announcement of the winners : September 4, 2015
Awards ceremony : September 16, 2015
Exhibition : September 16 ~ 25, 2015

The Seoul Metropolitan Government

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