INOCHI / ゼロ ヒガシダ Higashida ZERO

醸す-10 / 芹野 直子 Naoko SERINO

Cosmos of the Ego / 李 允碩 Yoonseok LEE

Absence/Presence / フランセス バグリー Frances BAGLEY
casa・ossa / 西村 浩幸 Hiroyuki NISHIMURA

standing figure / 桑田 覚 Satoru KUWATA
言葉の棺 / 高岡 典男 Norio TAKAOKA
Cycle−90 「風の余韻」 I / 松本 薫 Kaoru MATSUMOTO
奇蹟 / 福津 宣人 Nobuto FUKUTSU, 小川 裕之 Hiroyuki OGAWA
天空の青 / 山口 義仁 Yoshito YAMAGUCHI

2008年3月7日から3月28日 鹿島KIビルのアトリウムにて



カテゴリ その他のコンペ / コンペ結果 / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International Sculpture Competition
ジャンル Art
開催地 Japan
登録締切日 29 June 2007 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 24 Aug 2007 (Must be Received)
応募資格 No restriction on age or nationality, One entry per person (or group). Entries are limited to unpublicized works of art.

Under the theme of 'Sculpture, Architecture and Space', we are aiming at creating a new space where the art of sculptures and architecture meet. We hope that the displayed sculptures will activate the space provided by the architecture, creating an even more attractive space. We will provide the city and people with a space full of tension and vitality produced by the sculptures. We are looking forward to receiving many ambitious entries.

Tadayasu SAKAI (Art Critic)
Kiichi SUMIKAWA (Sculptor)
Kan YASUDA (Sculptor)
Fumihiko MAKI (Architect)
Yoshio TANIGUCHI (Architect)
Shoichi KAJIMA (Director & Senior Advisor to the Board, Kajima Corporation)

Competition Type
Not more than 10 works of art will be selected at Preliminary Screening, and at Secondary Screening the actual work is needed.

KAJIMA Gold Award of ¥3 million
KAJIMA Silver Award of ¥1.5 million
KAJIMA Bronze Award of ¥1.0 million
Encouragement Awards, Two of ¥0.5 million each
A work production subsidy of 500,000 yen (tax free) will be granted to (no more than 10) works of art selected in the Preliminary Screening.

Entry Fee

Preliminary Screening:
A maquette that tells us what the actual work is like and can be contained (together with the pedestal) in a cube of 50cm on each side, but may also include structural drawings, if necessary. Deliver the maquette to the Kajima KI Building between 1 Sep through 3 Sep 2007.
Secondary Screening:
The actual work based on the maquette or structural drawings submitted for the Preliminary Screening, at a size (including the pedestal) that can be contained in a cube of 180 cm on each side and weigh no more than 1.3 tons. An Information for Production (maximum 100 words) and photographic data (from waist-up) must also be submitted. Deliver the actual work to the Kajima KI Building between 23 Feb and 24 Feb 2008.

Announcement of First-stage result: 14 Sep 2007
Announcement of winners: 29 Feb 2008
The period the works will be displayed to the public is from 7 Mar to 28 Mar 2008. Prize-winning sculptures will remain on display until the next KAJIMA SCULPTURE COMPETITION is held.

Kajima Corporation

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