The 11th KAJIMA Sculpture Competition


Gold Award
Relation / Mayumi Tezuka

Silver Award
THE MOTHER / Risa Tamaki

Bronze Award
Been-M-Vol.5 (2010) / Mariko Isozaki

Encouragement Award
Gate of Time / Goran Cpajak

Selected works
ARC 3V 4MOV / Noe Alvarez Godoy
LOOP_012 / Toshitaka Nishizawa
MOON. / Atsushi Hashimoto
The fire of the far tale-festival is burning / Kyoichi Higuchi

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カテゴリ その他のコンペ / コンペ結果
タイプ International, , Open, Two-Stage
ジャンル Sculpture
開催地 Japan
登録締切日 26 June 2009 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 21 August 2009 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
応募資格 All

Tadayasu SAKAI (Art Critic)
Kiichi SUMIKAWA (Sculptor)
Kan YASUDA (Sculptor)
Fumihiko MAKI (Architect)
Yoshio TANIGUCHI (Architect)
Shoichi KAJIMA (Director and Senior Advisor of Kajima Corporation)

KAJIMA Gold Award: JPY 2 million
KAJIMA Silver Award: JPY 1 million
KAJIMA Bronze Award: JPY 0.5 million
Encouragement Awards: JPY 0.2 million

Selected works in the preliminary screening (not exceeding 8 in total) will be provided with JPY 0.4 million (tax included) each as a subsidy for the production of the work in question.

Entry Fee

Maquettes should be a good representation of the actual work and fit into a cubic box of 50 cm on each side (including pedestal). Drawings may be attached if necessary.

shortlist announced: 11 September 2009
Winner announced: 26 February 2009
Exhibition: March 5〜26. 2010 at The atrium in Kajima KI Building

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