Landscape for New Okhta


カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, Age Restriction , Two-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Conceptual, Landscape
開催地 St.Petersburg, Russia
登録締切日 26 June 2015 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 6 July 2015 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 Architects from Russia and abroad and landscape designers of up to 35 years of age (inclusive)

Participants are asked to create a landscape design and improvement project for an area of the bank of the River Okhta abutting the Novaya Okhta development, which is being built by LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo­Zapad. The design project should include a site layout, zoning, and proposals for building functionally justified hardscape and elements of contextual design, lighting, and vegetation.
The planners should pay particular attention to the water/land border and should carefully think through the design of the recreational zones intended for residents of the new street block. Another important aspect is design of the hardscape; there will be a separate category for this in the competition.

Veronika Valk, architect, environmental designer, ZiZi&YoYo, Tallinn
Michiel Van Driessche, partner, Felixx, Amsterdam
Vladimir Grgoriev, chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning, Chief Architect of St Petersburg
Larisa Kanunnikova, head of the office for urban improvements and landscaping at the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, St Petersburg
Yury Fomenko, partner, Mokh, St Petersburg
Oleg Kharchenko, head, URBIS
Sergey Padalko, head, Vitruvius and Sons
Oleg Shapiro, Wowhouse, Moscow
Yury Karpenko, General Director, Saros SeveroZapad
Andrey Lyublinsky, environment designer and artist
Sergey Georgievsky CEO, Tsentr, Moscow
Dmitry Khodkevich, head, ‘LSR. Nedvizhimost – SeveroZapad’
Oksana Androsova, head, Department of Architecture and Design, ‘LSR. Nedvizhimost – SeveroZapad’

First Prize: 100,000 rubles
Second Prize: 60,000 rubles
Third Prize: 40,000 rubles

Entry Fee

A 1000 x 1000 mm board (as pdf files) included a slogan and concept for the project (not more than 1000 characters) and Visualizations, Plans etc.

English and Russian

Opening of shortlisted projects exhibition: July 15, 2015.
Announcement of the results: after July 15, 2015 within the frame of AlterSPb project in the Youth Center of the State Hermitage.

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