Loire & Loges - International Micro-Architecture Competition


カテゴリ 学生が参加できるコンペ / 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, Age Restriction, Two-Stage
ジャンル Shelter, Temporary-Structure
開催地 France
登録締切日 30 November 2014 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 30 November 2014
応募資格 This international competition is open to any graduate architects, as well as to students in architecture. The applicants shall be necessarily less than 30 years old at the date of registration of the file.

The Loire and bicycle form the tandem of the decade and that, surely, of many to come. This alternative to the traditional holidays delights more and more tourists in search of a privileged relation with nature as much as a cultural wealth.

The 800-kilometers trail stretching along the river offer many occasions to discover a rich heritage, whether royal or popular, built or natural, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site or not.

On the the Loire à Vélo® route, regions, departments and cities do their best to meet the needs of some 850 000 listed touring cyclists each year.

Accommodation and restaurants are priorities but places for a rest during the day need also to be imagined beyond the simple bench, as many refuges which in the long term will punctuate the route. And why not on a European scale since the Loire à Vélo® falls under the Eurovélo way which makes it possible to join the Black Sea?

It is, in the tradition of the wine departments that this river sprinkles, a small construction called a “loge”, that is a “vineyard house”, or “cabin”. This building of a surface of approximately 15 square meters, with only one room, offered to the wine growers a shelter during the long days of work, whether during winter or summer.

These genuine little houses reduced to their simplest expression, marked the Loire landscape and make people dream. One easily sees oneself there living a simple but essential life. Like what one experiences when spending the whole days on a bicycle, with only a pair of satchels, a map and water. Once those little cabins were used by people “on the road”, wanderers looking for a refuge for the night when going from one village to the other. The idea is to reinvent this use and to inscribe it in our contemporary world.

By taking up the idea of the cabin, the candidates are invited to design a shelter meant for touring cyclists. Not connected, it rests on a base enabling it to be moved for the off-season period and to have a less impact on the site in which it is located. It must meet the French standards of the light leisure dwelling (Habitat Léger de Loisir).

The microarchitecture experience will be complete.

Elke Mittmann – Director of the House of Architecture of Centre Region
Manuel Aires Mateus – Architect Aires Mateus Agency, Lisbon
Francisco Aires Mateus – Architect Aires Mateus Agency, Lisbon
Adrienne Barthélémy – Architect of French Buildings, State Urban Architect
Clément Blanchet – Architect, Paris
François Bonneau – President of the Centre Region Council (or his representative)
Emmanuel Caille – Editor in chief of the magazine D’A (under condition)
Didier Fiuza Faustino – Architects, Mésarchitectures, Paris
Mathieu Julien – President of the House of Architecture of Centre Region
Jean-Charles Liddell – Architect and member of the Young Economic
Chamber of Tours
Isabelle Longuet – Director of Val de Loire Mission
Bernard Lorido – Mayor of Savonnières
Myriam Obled – Responsible for building operations, Community of Tour(s)
Plus conurbation Gilles Thibault – Mayor of Chouzé-sur-Loire
Christophe Rousseau – General Secretary of FFB 37
Alain Depras – Director of CFA BTP 37

For each of the two (2) sites, Chouzé-sur-Loire and Savonnières, there will be three (3) winners who will be awarded as followed:
For the 1st award: 3 500 Euros ;
For the 2nd award : 1 000 Euros ;
For the 3rd award: 500 Euros.

Entry Fee
30 (thirty) euros per application

The jury will meet on December 11th, 2014

The Young Economic Chamber of Tours and the House of Architecture of French Centre Region

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