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カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Medical-Facility, Public
開催地 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
登録締切日 23 June 2017 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 7 July 2017 GoogleCal
応募資格 Due to the different legislative regulation in EEA, EFTA and Switzerland, it is enough to have one member of your team who fulfils this requirement. In case none of you are from EEA, EFTA, or Switzerland, you need to team up with a company or an individua

The architectural and urban design competition for the modernization of the Surgical Centre of the University Hospital Králové in the Czech Republic is now open!
The Surgical Centre will be composed of a new building (addition) and the reconstructed (now technologically outdated) older surgical pavilion. These two structures will be connected into a viable whole.
The winning design should meet all the functional needs of the hospital’s surgery departments and form the best possible working environment for medical staff, as well as a safe and pleasant setting for patients.
- University Hospital Hradec Králové is one of the largest medical facilities in the Czech Republic
- Modernization of the Surgical Centre is a project approved by the Czech government as a strategic area of health care
- When finished, the Surgical Centre will be (with 21 operating theatres including all the services) one of the best European medical facilities of its kind

Zdeněk Zavřel / prof. Ing. arch. – independent juror – Chairman of the jury
Vladimír Palička / prof. MUDr., CSc., dr. h. c. – involved juror – Vice chairman of the jury
Mario Corea / Hon. FAIA – independent juror
Richard Klinger / Arch. DI – independent juror
Sergio Bruns / Arch. Ph.D MSADD – independent juror
Jan Vojáček / prof. MUDr., Ph.D. – involved juror
Veronika Bartošová / Ing. – involved juror
Kristina Richter Adamson / Ing.Arch. ARB RIBA – independent juror, alternate
Martin Tycar / Ing. arch. – independent juror, alternate
Michal Hudík / MUDr. – involved juror, alternate
Karel Antoš / Ing., Ph.D. – involved juror, alternate

1st prize: 3,500,000 CZK (around 129,600 €)
2nd prize: 2,200,000 CZK (around 81,500 €)
3rd prize: 1,500,000 CZK (around 55,500 €)
Among those entering and fulfilling the conditions of the 2nd stage of the competition: divided 1,800,000 CZK (around 66,660 €)

Entry Fee

Both Czech and English

Submission of the 1st stage: 7 July 2017
Submission of the competition designs, 2nd stage: 20 Oct 2017


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