Porada International Design Award 2018


カテゴリ その他のコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Furniture
開催地 Italy
登録締切日 9 November 2018 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 9 November 2018 (via Online)
応募資格 All

PORADA, in cooperation with POLI.design, founded by Politecnico di Milano, announces an international ideas competition to identify new innovative concepts on different types of writing desks & dressing tables, in which the use of solid wood is prevalent (although not necessarily exclusive) and which conveys the values and the identity of the Porada brand.
The wood, whether in natural-finish (preferably in finishes mainly used by the company), or lacquered, can be combined with metal, plate glass, leather, hide leather or fabric.
The submitted designs shall be original and unpublished; they must enhance the use of production technologies and woodworking processes and typical finishing of the solid wood and they must respond to the principle of functionality.
They must comply with the existing safety standards in force, also respecting ergonomic, environmental and sustainable design requirements.

A representative of the ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
A representative of POLI.design
Three Professional Architects/Designers
Three sectoral press representatives
Two representatives of the Company Porada

1st prize € 3,000
2nd prize € 2,000
3rd prize € 1,000

1st prize € 2,000
2nd prize € 1,200
3rd prize € 800

Entry Fee

The deliberations of the jury will conclude no later than December 1st , 2018.

PORADA, in cooperation with POLI.design

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