Changing the face 2011 - Pushkinsky cinema


First prize
“Frozen in Time” project by Juan Andres Diaz Parra (from Colombia)
DuPont material used: DuPont™ Corian® techno-surface.

Second prize
“Moving Light Palace” project by Adrian Reinbroth, Franziska Boettcher and Jenny Grossman (from Germany)
DuPont materials used: DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers for structural laminated glass and DuPont™ Teflon® surface protection.

Third prize
“The Pushkinsky Jewel” project by Joseph Sung (from South Korea)
DuPont materials used: DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers for structural laminated glass.



カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / コンペ結果 / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Façade, Renovation
開催地 Moscow, Russia
登録締切日 15 May 2011 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 May 2011 (via Online)
応募資格 All

Redesigning the Pushkinsky Cinema Hall, is a chance to give this theater a design befitting its position at the center of Russia’s cultural life. It is also an opportunity to rethink how the theater engages with the public from its prominent position in Pushkin Square.
The Changing the Face competition seeks to prove that changing the facade of once great buildings is not a mere superficial change, but one that can revitalize landmarks and change the dynamics of public space.
The Pushkinsky cinema hall is located at Pushkin Square in central Moscow at the junction of Tverskaya Street and the Boulevard Ring. The Square is one of the most beloved gathering spots in the city: the mini-park near the monument to A. S. Pushkin is a vibrant, dynamic public space frequented by local Muscovites and tourists alike for dates, business appointments, and friendly get-togethers. Historically, the spot where the Cinema Hall now stands was occupied by the 16th-century Tver Gate of the White City. The cinema itself – originally nicknamed “Russia” -- was built in 1961 as the "palace" of the Moscow International Film Festivals (MIFF). The sweeping balcony and public galleries of the building seamlessly connected the function of the building to the already-bustling life of Pushkin Square. Architects Yu. N. Sheverdiayev and D. S. Solopov designed what was the first multiplex wide-screen movie theatre in the USSR, integrating innovative film technology with the efficiency and rationalism of Soviet-era design. The building was the prototype for antecedent movie houses in the USSR, replicated widely in small towns across the country.

Andrey Bokov (the UAR President, Russia)
Sergey Skuratov (Russia)
Aleksey Uchitel (Russia)
Matthias Hollwich (USA)
Marc Kushner (USA)
Kerem Erginoğlu (Turkey)
Corrado Tibaldi (Italy)

1st prize: 10,000€
2nd prize: 5,000€
3rd prize: 3,000€

Entry Fee

1 (one) .pdf file of main boards (6MB maximum) and 1 (one) .doc file with a description of the draft proposal and 3 (three) .jpeg image files

Russian and English or English only

Project assessment: Starting from 16 May 2011
Results notification: 7-8 June 2011 (TBC)
Awarding ceremony: 7-8 June 2011

Past winners

The Union of Russian Architects, DuPont, YEM, Architizer and Karo Film

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