Solar energy for small italian islands


カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Environment
開催地 Rome, Italy
登録締切日 6 September 2010 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 6 September 2010 (via Online or Must be Received)
応募資格 All

We invite entries to an international competition which is intended to spur ideas and proposals on innovative solar energy devices, plants or plant systems to be used in the typical setting of small Italian islands, provided that the territory of the selected Municipality does not include more than 15,000 residents on the basis of the latest ISTAT census.
I. design of a single, innovative, energy-generating object; this object shall have autonomous expressivity and integrate or establish a relationship with the local architecture and landscape;
II. design of a component or a capture element for an energy-generating plant; the component or element, of innovative design or technology, shall be placed (in sequence or individually) in one or more housing units and integrate with the local architectural heritage; designs which use components or elements already available on the market and which succeed in blending with the local built environment shall also be considered;
III. design of a plant system for a specific small island; the system shall cover the energy demand of a wide portion or of all of the island, be optimally sited with respect to the geographic configuration of the island, minimise land use and harmonise with the local landscape, as provided by the applicable legislation.

Not yet announced

- Students
1st Place(each categories): 2,000 euro and 6 month internships in GSE Rome offices
2nd Place(each categories): 1,000 euro
- Professionals
1st Place(each categories): 4,000 euro
2nd Place(each categories): each 2,000 euro
- Companies
1st Place and 2nd Place: diploma

Entry Fee

4 plates in A2 format and the report of 6 pages (1,500 characters per page) and PowerPoint presentation of the design proposal

Submission Address
Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE S.p.A.
V.le Maresciallo Pilsudski, 92 – 00197 Roma - Italia

End of assessment of entries: 7 October 2010
Publication of the results of the jury: 8 October 2010
Prize-winning ceremony: 16 October 2010

Associazione Marevivo (CITERA, ENEA, GSE, DG PABAAC)

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