The Square at Vartov Competition


Winning entry
Hackett Hall McKnight Architects, Northern Ireland

Prize: DKK 125,000
Bystrup Design, Copenhagen

Prize: DKK 100,000
JAJA Architects, Copenhagen

SEA, Copenhagen

McGregor Coxall Landscape Architecture Urban Design, Australia



カテゴリ 実施コンペ / コンペ結果
タイプ International, Project, Open, Anonymous
ジャンル Landscape, Urban
開催地 Copenhagen
登録締切日 14 September 2009 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 14 September 2009 (Must be Received)
応募資格 Qualified architects, landscape architects and engineers

The Vartov square is currently a parking lot in the shadow of Copenhagen City Hall. In future, the square will be a worthy ‘sibling’ to City Hall Square. While City Hall Square is designed as a venue for large-scale events, the Vartov square should be characterised by everyday urban life on a more intimate scale. It must be both an attractive urban space that invites people to stay for a while and an international meeting place for tourists, local residents and anyone else who happens to pass by.

• Jan Christiansen, city architect, Urban Design Department, City of Copenhagen
• Ulrik Winge, head of department, Urban Design Department, City of Copenhagen
• Anne Skovbro, head of planning, Finance Administration, City of Copenhagen
• Kristian Nabe Nielsen, area manager, Construction and Tenders Department, City of Copenhagen
• Brian Hansen, area manager, Traffic Department
• Bent Lohman, Copenhagen Inner City Neighbourhood Council

- A total fee amount of up to DKK 725,000 (about EUR 97,400) will be paid out.
- An amount of DKK 150,000 (about EUR 20,150) will be paid to up to three winning entrants.
The balance will be distributed at the discretion of the jury, but all prizes and purchases will be awarded a sum of at least DKK 25,000 each (about EUR 3,350).

A separate fee of DKK 25,000 (about EUR 3,350) will be paid for participation in the negotiations.
Winners with a postal address outside Denmark may also be entitled to an amount of DKK 15,000 (EUR 5,000) to cover travel expenses.

Entry Fee

Two A1 format panels, etc.

Danish and English. The spoken and written contract, negotiation and working language after the submission of entries will be Danish.

Submission Address
City of Copenhagen
Technical and Environmental Administration
Construction and Tenders Department
Islands Brygge 37, 3rd floor
2300 Copenhagen S
Marked: Lene Nørgård Rasmussen

Entries accepted for assessment will be exhibited in October 2009.
The assessment is scheduled for completion in late December 2009. Negotiations will then be initiated with the winning entrants.

City of Copenhagen

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