The future of architecture

‘What is the future of architecture?’ と題する書籍に掲載する作品などの公募。

カテゴリ その他のコンペ
タイプ International, Publication, Open
ジャンル Publication
開催地 UK
登録締切日 1 Sptember 2013 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 1 Sptember 2013
応募資格 All

After a very successful first edition of the participatory book ‘What is the future of architecture?’ we are very happy to announce our decision to do it again and present – ‘What is the future of architecture? II’!

The future of architecture is a participatory book project, initiated by Crap is Good. The book consists of and depends on participation and collaboration. It is entirely independent from funds, sponsoring or organizational support and therefore relies completely on its concept. The project experiments with collective authorship and alternative ways of (crowd-) funding.

Going through the answers we’ve gotten last year, we can say there are some recurring assumptions, a red line weaving its way through the book. The book, consisting of 53 very different takes on the same question – ‘What is the future of architecture?’ – takes us from fiction stories to a philosophical email discussion, through series of images and photography, to science-fiction and poetry. While leafing through, often a blurry image would come to mind, an imaginative glimpse of the future.

With the same motivation as last year, we are in search for all possible takes on the question ‘What is the future of architecture?’. We have invited a series of innovative architectural practices, thinkers and theoreticians to share their view on this impossible question and are soon open to receive yours as well.

The concept is simple, to submit your answer you pay a registration fee of 20€, this registration fee will get you a copy of the book delivered to your doorstep! We are still unsure wether we will be able to publish all of the submissions we receive, but the chances are pretty high. (In last years edition we where able to print all of them), but even if your answer is not in there, you will still receive the book. The book ‘What is the future of architecture? II’ will also be available in a selection of bookshops around the world.

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