ThyssenKrupp House Berlin


カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
ジャンル Administration, Architecture
開催地 Berlin
登録締切日 3 May 2011 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 3 May 2011 (Must be Received)
応募資格 Eligible for participation are individuals who, through recognition by the professional body in their country of residence, on the day of the announcement of the competition were entitled to use the occupational title “Architect” in their country of residence.

The “ThyssenKrupp House” is to accommodate, on up to 5,000 sq m of gross floor area, various functions which a communicative architecture should integrate so as to form an open-house building.
• ThyssenKrupp will use the building for representational and administrative purposes
• Institutions and firms from the technology sector will be invited to interdisciplinary cooperation
• The expert community and interested members of the general public will be drawn by special attractions
•Guests and casual visitors will be greeted and invited to stay in a premium ambiance
Constituting a part of ThyssenKrupp’s societal commitment, the new building’s design and concept of use must be commensurate to the importance of the site.

All in all, approx. 25 architects or design groups or consortia formed of architects will be admitted to participation in the competition.
The architects of the following five practices have been selected beforehand for participation in the competition and have declared, in a legally binding manner, their intent to participate in the tackling of the competition task.

• Adjaye/Associates, London/UK
• Chaix & Morel, Paris/FR with JSWD, Köln/DE
• Degelo Architects, Basel/CH
• Kaspar Kraemer Architects, Köln/DE
• Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, Göteborg/SE

Among the approx. 25 participants in phase 1 of the competition, the jury will select approx. 7 for participation in phase 2.

Mels Crouwel, Architect, Amsterdam
Prof. Dietrich Fink, Architect, Munich
Prof. Ulrike Lauber, Architect, Berlin/Munich
Prof. Manuel Scholl, Architect, Zurich
Dr. Jürgen Claassen, Executive Board Member of ThyssenKrupp AG, Essen
Ralph Labonte, Executive Board Member of ThyssenKrupp AG, Essen
Regula Lüscher, Senate Building Director for Urban Development, Architect, Berlin
Dr. Martin Grimm, Managing Director of ThyssenKrupp Real Estate GmbH, Essen
Ephraim Gothe, Council Chairman for Urban Development, District of Mitte, Berlin

1st prize: Euro 17,000
2nd prize: Euro 13,000
3rd prize: Euro 8,000
4th prize: Euro 4,000

Every participant who advances to Phase 2 and submits a detailed design concept conforming to the requirements laid down in the competition brief will receive a flat-rate fee of Euro 16,000 in respect of expenses incurred.

Entry Fee

Participant selection: End of May/beginning of June 2011
Submission of required documents 1st phase: End of July 2011
Jury Meeting 1st phase: End of August 2011
Submission of required documents 2nd phase: End of October/beginning of November 2011
Jury Meeting 2nd phase: Beginning of December 2011

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