The concept of ZIM area development in Samara


カテゴリ アイディアコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Architect, Two-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Complex
開催地 Russia
登録締切日 8 August 2013 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 19 November 2013 GoogleCal
応募資格 Certified architects with professional experience of at least 5 years

The main aim of the competition is to identify architectural ideas and solutions for the best way to use the potential of the territory at optimum combined implementation of modern building technologies, materials and elements with their cost effectiveness and actual applicability.
Site description: The Competition area is located in the city of Samara and is limited by the river Volga, Novo-Sadovaya Street, Sokolova Street and Schmidt Street adjacent to the plant territory, built in accordance with the plan. This area is in the middle of the city center development and the formation of residential areas of the city. The site opens out as an amphitheater along the quay of Volga. This area is limited on the east by high-rise dominant building of OAO Gazprom. Volga quay and the coastal strip ties the functionally important sites of the city with the transport system and pedestrian paths. The area develops along the Silikatny Ravine and Podpolshchikov Ravine (Postnikov Ravine).

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1st Place: 4,500,000 rubles
2nd Place: 1,500,000 rubles
3rd Place: 750,000 rubles

Entry Fee


Selection of Winner and Finalists: November 20- December 2, 2013


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