Urban SOS

5~100ヘクタールの都市領域を各自選択し、その都市が直面する問題を分析、解決策を考える学生向けアイディアコンペ。一次審査通過者は、バルセロナで開催される豪華ゲストで話題のWorld Architecture Festivalに招待され、プレゼンテーションを行う。最終審査は、世界の超有名建築家たちで構成されるWorld Architecture Festivalの審査団によって行われる。

カテゴリ アイディアコンペ / 学生が参加できるコンペ
タイプ International, Idea, Students, Two-Stage
ジャンル Urban
登録締切日 15 May 2009 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 31 July 2009 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 Undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education in all countries of the world

Judging Criteria
Responses will need to demonstrate:
- Multi-disciplinary approach, reflecting physical, social and organisational issues that affect the site
- Clear analysis of pressures and problems facing the selected site within its urban context
- Clear articulation of what the site needs to develop as a sustainable, enduring part of the urban fabric
- Innovative approaches to tackling urban challenges
- Relative degree of impact & deliverability
- Creative approaches to delivering urban solutions

The semi-finalists will be selected by a judging panel comprising representatives from EDAW and the Architecture Review.

The top 10 Entrants will receive special mention on the competition website. Four semi-finalists will be invited to present their work to the final judging panel at the World Architecture Festival.

The winning team will be determined by the final judging panel at the World Architecture Festival, comprising of international practitioners within and beyond EDAW.

Each of the four semi-finalist teams will receive an honorarium to contribute to travel expenses related to attending the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona to present the team's submission. The semi-finalist honoraria are to contribute to expenses related to attendance and presentation at the World Architecture Festival only and cannot be exchanged for other prize. In addition, each team will receive US$500 to contribute to additional costs. No other costs or fees will be covered by EDAW or the sponsors.

The winning team (or teams) will receive a cash prize. The total prize money is valued at US$20,000, which may be divided amongst one or more winning team.

Decisions made by the judging panel shall be final.

Entry Fee

Two A0 PDF files

Announcement of the Semi-finalists: 1 September 2009
Announcement of the Winner: 6 November 2009


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